Every October, the Philippines commemorates National Statistics Month, a time dedicated to recognizing the pivotal role of statistics in shaping policies, understanding trends, and making informed decisions across various sectors. This annual observance not only emphasizes the value of statistical data but also underscores its impact on governance, economy, and societal development. The importance of data and its role in shaping informed decisions took center stage at Iram High School as the school commemorated the 34th National Statistics Month in collaboration with the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Zambales.

Students and faculty alike gathered in the school auditorium, adorned with colorful banners highlighting the significance of statistics in various facets of society. The event, themed “Accelerating Progress: Promoting Data and Statistics for Healthy Philippines”  aimed to instill in the younger generation an appreciation for statistics and its relevance in the modern world. The program commenced with an inspiring message from the school principal, emphasizing the vital role of statistics in understanding societal trends, enabling evidence-based policies, and fostering economic development. The principal stressed the need for students to embrace statistical literacy to become more discerning citizens and future leaders.

Representatives from the PSA Zambales shared insightful presentations, illustrating the practical applications of statistics in everyday life. Through engaging discussions and interactive activities, students gained a deeper understanding of how data shapes public policies, healthcare systems, and various industries. One of the highlights of the event was a statistical quiz bee, where students showcased their knowledge and competed in a friendly yet competitive atmosphere. The quiz covered a range of topics, from basic statistical concepts to their real-world applications, sparking enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity among the participants.

Additionally, a poster-making contest, Inforgraphics, Photocontest and Slogan making allowed students to creatively express their interpretation of the theme. The artworks showcased innovative ideas on how data and statistics contribute to building a better nation, reflecting the students’ grasp of the subject matter and their imaginative vision for the future. The event concluded with an awarding ceremony, recognizing the outstanding performances in the quiz bee and the creativity displayed in the poster-making contest, Inforgraphics, Photocontest and Slogan. Certificates of appreciation with a  special prizes given for those who exerted their effort in joining the different contest were also presented to the PSA Zambales representatives for their invaluable contribution to the success of the celebration.

Overall, the 34th National Statistics Month celebration at Iram High School served as a platform to inspire and educate students about the power of statistics in shaping a more informed and progressive society. It reinforced the significance of statistical literacy and highlighted the collaborative efforts between educational institutions and government agencies in promoting data-driven decision-making for a better future.

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