Working in peace is one of the happiest feelings an employee can and wants to experience. Working properly with joy and enthusiasm makes the work light and enjoyable. It is also one way to make an employee productive and grow professionally.

One way to achieve working in peace is to have friends from the pool of co-workers. Co-worker friends become companions in every work, accomplishment, activity, and deadline to meet. These co-worker friends make the working environment happy, light, and enjoyable. They keep themselves updated on trends, help each other in their work responsibilities, and maintain friendships even outside the workplace. They also serve as their second family for each other by telling their secrets to one another, ranting about their negative feelings, sharing some tips, and even eating with them at lunch or dinner. They pull each other up toward professionalism, inspire one another to be productive, and make their work at peace.

Every employee deserves to be happy at work to keep them working productively. Having a peaceful environment makes them happy and enjoy work. Do you also have co-worker friends who make your work happy and peaceful?

Mary Ann D. Vasquez | Teacher II| Cupang Integrated School |Balanga City, Bataan
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