With the country’s declining level of academic improvement in English, Mathematics and Science based on the result of the recent Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA, 2022), the national government took a step in navigating ways to help Filipino learners in improving bit by bit.

          According to the PISA (2022) result released last 2022, Philippines still landed at the bottom 10 among the 81 countries which participated on the said test. It revealed that the 15-year-olds’ ability in reading comprehension, mathematics and science are very low and thus clearly needs an immediate intervention.

          Taking the lead in overcoming one of the greatest challenge the Philippine education had faced, the former Department of Education Secretary and Vice President Sara Z.  Duterte assured that it is already being taken into their utmost priority (Bacelonia,2023).

          One of the lengthy list of interventions implemented by the government is the National Learning Camp or NLC which already began last July 2023. This program aims to support both the learners and teachers in improving the learning and teaching process, respectively. Through conducting the sessions set out during the vacation period, the government hopes to gradually encourage learners to enjoy learning through fun-filled activities which are still incorporated with lessons on English, Math and Science facilitated by volunteer teachers specializing on the mentioned subjects (Manila Bulletin,2023).

          However, as the program ran for over a month which catered grades 7 and 8 on their pilot year, numerous problems and concerns were observed and encountered. One of it was mentioned by Senate Committee on Basic Education Chairperson and EDCOM 2 Co-chairperson Senator Sherwin Gatchalian who stated that the target learners who need the intervention program were the ones not “into” the improvement project.  

          According to the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT), the NLC program is not entirely beneficial for both teachers and students since it will deprive both with their most-awaited vacation/rest after ten months of being inside the vicinity of the school dealing with the routinary work of a teacher and a student as well.

          While we are currently on the second year of implementing the program, further improvements were hoped to be acted upon immediately so that teachers and learners will still see the advantages this project has to offer.


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Dianne M. Montevirgen | Teacher I | Bagong Silang Elem, School | Balanga City, Bataan
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