“Blood Arellanista” can refer to students, alumni, or supporters of Bataan National High School. This is a call to people who have a deep connection and concern for their school or institution.

Alumni teachers are former students of a school who went into the teaching profession after they graduated. They have deep ties to their alma mater and often contribute to the school through The roles of alumni teachers may vary depending on their location and situation.

But usually, they can provide support to their alma mater by teaching students, being active members of the alumni association, providing career advice or mentorship to current students, contributing to projects or school fundraising, and providing feedback and suggestions for school improvement. Their experience and knowledge as teachers.

There are many ways to help your alma mater:

1. *Donation:* You can make a donation that will help the school’s projects and programs.

2. *Mentorship:* You can be a mentor to students, share your experience and guide their development.

3. *Contributing Time:* Volunteer in school activities, such as workshops, seminars, or outreach programs.

4. *Networking:* Provide opportunities for students to meet and interact with professionals in their field.

5. *Student Support:* Provide scholarships, books, or other equipment that will help their studies.

6. *Infrastructure Assistance:* Share your knowledge and resources for building or improving school facilities.

Helping your alma mater will not only support current students, but also the future of the institution.

Ethelrine A.Villanueva | Bataan National High School- Senior High School | Teacher II
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