Young children now own their own devices. Cell phones, iPads, and laptops. Although these devices greatly improve our lives, overuse of them can be dangerous to us, especially to children.

These days, technology offers many advantages. Children are more “techy” than some adults, and using devices can lead to a variety of health issues. Students can participate in teaching and learning activities more easily, receive knowledge more easily, and learn new things through social media thanks to the benefits of using gadgets. Due to the availability of internet access on various websites, young people may locate and do their homework with ease. With simply a phone call, communication is considerably simpler when using mobile devices. While gadgets can be quite useful, parents should keep an eye on them.

The long-term staring at gadgets and smartphone screens raises the risk of eye conditions like myopia and eye fatigue. Lack of focus and sleep deprivation can affect children. Children who are sleepier during the day and sleep less at night suffer from an unfavorable sleep cycle as a result.

Anything excessively can be harmful to you. Utilize technology responsibly and appropriately to prevent negative health effects.

Arriane G. Guzman | Teacher I | Cupang Integrated School
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