Complaint about grades is very common thing among students. Others accused their teachers of failing their grades in a particular subject without valid reasons at all. But is this right? Shall we point our accusing fingers to our teachers?

Teachers are also looking forward for a brighter future of their students. They only give what is due for their students. Each student’s performance in class is reflected and evaluated in their class records. In other words, students themselves make their own grades. Teachers merely record and compute thescores based on various aspects.

Unfortunately, some take education for granted. The school has sufficient books but students don’t bother to read them. Most schools have complete and modern facilities but they don’t take time to utilize them.

Cutting classes have been a very usual illness among students. They are very inattentive in the class and are not studying the lessons well. It doesn't matter how good a teacher they have or how much they're inspired or motivated by their parents. They just don’t really care.

Parents are exerting much of their strengths and efforts just to make money to send their children in school. Students can only recompense them through diligence and sincerity in their studies. One must strive hard to fulfill his dreams. Hence, a saying goes, “The root of education is bitter but the fruit is sweet”.

            Thus, it is our choices that would determine the future. The kind of person we will become someday depends on our choices today. We are accountable for our own actions. No one can blame others for his own mistakes. It is up to us to decide what kind of life we’ll have soon.


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