We are what we value in life. Every day living presents to us a prism of reality that is full of color, imagery, and experience. The ins and outs of life are almost equal to the way we breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide that plants need for them to live. As human beings we learn and unlearn depending on how we perceive things, people, and events around us.

            Life is a gift to everyone. It must be treasured, cherished and cared for because there is a purpose that each one of us has to accomplish. The joy life is to be appreciated and thanked about and our happiness solely depends on us and to the knowledge we gain from everyday.

            Education promotes the good values in life. When one wants to live in comfort and harmony we have to share these values to others to experience harmony, peace and security. But these will only matter when we are rich with the gain of knowledge. With that in mind, we are enabled to get the most out of life. A meaningful life is reciprocal to man’s environment to the point of co-existence. We define life in most ways ordinary to extra ordinary because we are all privileged to acquire learning and be educated.

            A saying of old defines education as a treasure that parents can give their children as one lasting inheritance. Knowledge develops a human being to being human. Learning is continuous process that goes on outside of the classrooms in school. Wisdom which is the ultimate product of learning makes us see, feel, hear, smell and taste the difference between  truth and falsehood.

            We may speak several languages, but our character and attitude depends on the education we acquire. We make decisions almost every day, big or small they depend on the learning we gained. Knowingly or unknowingly life is educating us in every way possible to develop and make us a better person for our own advancement.

            Education is the tireless vehicle that empowers us to achieve our cherished goals. It helps us to lay the foundation of our plans. It guides us to use our strength in setting our objectives. It helps us neutralize our weakness and convert them to our advantage. It fills the gaps between innocence and knowledge to be productive in all our endeavors. Likened to treasure hunting of gold and precious stones, the treasure chest of being educated is much worth the value we can get from it.

            John Dewey, an American philosopher in educational reforms clearly stated that,

“education is not the preparation for life; education is life itself.” With this note let the immense value of education bring us closer to life as we embrace the learning we can derive from it with our every day.



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