All children/students have the same needs for love, food, clothing, shelter and safety.

Students with special needs require extra help from us teachers, to attain these highest potentials.

They need friends and acceptance from their peers, just as anyone does. They need the chance to excel, inspite of their challenges which they need to go through each day while in school.

          Gifted students for instance have extra ordinary or mental artistic abilities. These children are frequently creative thinkers and may have superior leadership skills.

How can we help them?

We as teachers, “must wear a big kind of heart” for these students.

In school let us do our best for them to experience stimulating environment with a number of opportunities for learning.

Let’s all recognize and praise them for the small and big steps they’re doing in class.

Teaching their classmates to understand their special needs will be of great help for  these gifted students to enjoy and value their time in school.

A lot of times we are not mindful of their feelings.

“Often they are bullied and belittled”…such a sad scenario.

          “You as the captain of the ship inside your class” must by all means provide all the avenues for these gifted students to showcase their talents. The potentials they have may one day be recognized, thus, bringing honor to their parents, school and community.

Gifted students are innocent souls…they are loved, helped and favoured. Be the first one to extend a hand, it’s worth your time! A teacher’s love for his students has no bounds…because after all, they both co – exist and it will remain eternity.


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