Momo challenge

No one can control the rampant changes in technology. This fast-changing world constantly evolve the way people think and the way people live. Everyone has an instant access on the internet but as an adult and as a teacher, I’m seeing it has lots of things that can help people to learn other things, but sometimes it can be worse.

However, there have been issues on the web, cyber bullying, pornography, fake news etc. that are also accessible to the young minds of our children. One thing that shocked the internet is the "momo challenge". i wonder how such a thing can somehow manipulate someone else's way of thinking and decision making just by watching or participating on its challenges that lead to injuries and worst, suicidal death. It is very alarming and is not normal. It instantly pops up while one is using the internet. Mostly, on youtube. It convinces the user to play the challenge and later blackmailing the player to do things that are against their wills. The players will be forced to do the challenges because unknowingly, their personal information like pictures, relatives, addresses, camera, etc. are hacked. They are using that information to make you do their challenge or else they are going to hurt your love ones. Since most of the players are mostly children, they tend to get scared and try to do the tasks. However, if they really can’t do it, they end up killing themselves.

Let this be an eye opener for the parents and teachers to never let their children to access the internet without their guidance or consent. Encourage them to read books or playing toys. Everything in this world will always have a solution, and it is in our hands on how we will make our children a contibutive and a productive individual.

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