90's kids Vs. Millennial Kids on Studying

We cannot deny the fact that we were all born in different eras. Each of us is different and unique in our simple ways, generation to generation, person to person.

When it comes to education, some prefer the old ways of teachings, the others innovate through the use of technology. However, let us focus our attention on how 90's kids and millennial kids differ on the way they learned their lessons in school.

Before, when the teacher gives an assignment, students research from books or visit the library. While millennial kids go to google for the answers and just copy and paste, sometimes, without even reading. It’s easier and faster. However, it is not on the difference of method that matters. It is within us, the teachers who has full responsibility on these kids, (next to their parents). Let us encourage them to an enjoyable learning environment and not make them feel the pressure of going to school. Let us make them feel that learning the old ways or the technological way are both acceptable. As long as they are willing to focus, work hard and learn. Motivation always matters.

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