Never Too Late

When is the best time to start and stop?  If you would like to change and start something new,  is there a perfect timing? How will you know that it is not too late for you?  There could be so many things that people may want to try, some things that people may want to experience and some changes that some wanted to be applied.  It may be true that not everyone is lucky enough to do the things that they’ve been wanting for so long but there are things that can be done in no definite time and timing.  It is never too late…..

to start over again.  We are not perfect. We all committed a mistake or a sin but that sin or mistake didn’t make us lesser of a person.  Mistakes and sins are part of our journey but once we realized our mistakes and decided to be a better version of yourself, it is never too late to start over again.  Everyday, we can always choose to be a better person.

to chase your dreams.  If we are going to ask the people around us about their childhood dream, it will not be surprising to find out that some of them were not able to pursue and realize their old dreams.  Some dreams were forgotten out of practical reasons and several circumstances.  It is never too late to chase your dreams, to go for what you have always wanted, to fulfill your heart’s wishes.  Some became an engineer at 50, some pursued photography at the age of 45.  You just have to know what you really wanted.

to learn new things. Education should not stop from the four walls of the classroom.  We can always learn from the things around and the people we meet along the way.  We should never be complacent with what we have and what we already know. One of our primary responsibilities to our own self is to learn something new whenever there is a chance.  It may be a new hobby, skill or past time.  We owe it to ourselves.

to gain new friends. No man is an island.  No matter how rich or beautiful we are, we all need someone who will be with us, someone whom we can call our friend.  There is no rule or law when it comes to making new friends.  So whether you’re young or old, pretty or ugly, sinned, flawed or imperfect, you still have a chance to meet a friend who will make you feel comfortable and secured.


to show people that you care.  It may be cliché to hear this adage “If you love someone, you have to tell and show him or her before it is too late.” Well, love is a big and complicated word and who wants complicated things? It can be simpler if we will let people know that we care, that they matter, that they are important.  Imagine the difference it would bring if each person will show people that he cares.  Changing the world may seem impossible and crazy but we can always start with simple things that showing that we care and that one simple act needs no time. We can always start NOW.

            We are losing time, money, people and things everyday and sometimes we can never have them back so whenever we have the chance to gain something new in our lives, never hesitate especially if it won’t harm others.


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