A Glimpse on a Students’ Life

Every time I see high school students, I can’t help but sigh and have a glimpse of my past four years studying high school in my beloved alma mater, BNHS. Remembering those four years of my life I spent in BNHS, all I can say is that it was awesome and really worthy to cherish.

“Study here, study there and study everywhere! There should be no time for video games and social media! Say yes to books and say no to phones! Yes to library and no to computer shops!” That is how I can summarize my high school.

During my high school days, I can hear my teachers and classmates talking behind me and saying “napakaseryoso naman niya sa pag aaral”, “puro nalang siya aral”, and “ang grade conscious naman”.  Well, they were right. I will just study no matter what happen, if there’s an exam or none. My grades really matter. I made myself believed that if I didn’t study, there’s no bright future waiting for me.

As I ended my high school days and before I enter college, words of wisdom came my way. Words that unexpectedly changed my beliefs. I’ve had a small talk with my Mathematics teacher.  She said, “Ken, your academic grades doesn’t necessarily measures your possibilities in life. It doesn’t actually define you as who you are because your grades are mere by products of your diligence as a student.”

“What count most is for you to have a humane and humble heart! These two ingredients are suffice enough to make you a successful person in the future. Lead a worthy life… be honorable…be compassionate. Good luck!” she added.

Those words touched my heart. I held my teacher’s hands and gave her my sweetest smile. And with a teary eyed, I told her, “Ma’am thank you so much for the learnings and words of wisdom. I won’t forget you.” End of our small talk.

4 years after, as I reenter BNHS, I have those words of wisdom with me. I am now ready to share to my students what I’ve gained from my idol and my inspiration to become a person like her, my teacher.

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