Having Problems with Classroom Discipline?

This concern has been as old as teaching history itself. Countless cases of Teacher-Parents, Teacher-Students’ and Student-Student issues in line with classroom discipline made its way to the limelight. Diverse issues, remedies/interventions are commonly observable. But the question, “What can possibly be the secrets of having a disciplined class?” remains.  Allow me to share some of my thoughts, hoping these can be a help for you.

First, be fair my dear teacher.

Make sure that all your students get the same punishment for doing any offense but no capital punishment please. Even if it is your best student— and on the other side, make sure too that all your students will get equally rewarded for a job well done. Praises are music to their ears!

Next, have your rules easy to understand together with the consequences for breaking the rules.

Make it a point to punish the rule breaker.

Third, be consistent with your classroom discipline.

But of course, sometimes, cracking a joke is a good idea if things are too stiff. Little humor will get them back to back.

Fourth, try to avoid confronting your student in front of his/her peers.

You can do it in a corner for privacy’s sake! Be sensitive. Regulate your anger.

Lastly, be firm with a heart!

Remember, “You should walk your talk.” My dear teacher… don’t break your own rules… Live a modest life … Be their best example… Be their greatest inspiration!


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