Teacher, a Noble Profession indeed

Imagine our society without teachers. A society without teachers seems like a group without future. How will the youth learn if there is no person or people behind them, supporting and guiding them? Will this world be complete without our beloved teachers?

Teachers and professors.

They are the ones who guide us youth and students to be a good and educated inside a school campus so that we, students, can bring those once we leave our schools and enter the real world.

Our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal once said that the youth are the future of our country. But how will that happen if there are no teachers that are guiding us and giving us the knowledge and wisdom that we need to be able to give our country the brightest future that it can have?

Nowadays, we see teacher as a profession that is not as good as doctors, engineers, and etc. But, teachers are same with the doctors and other professions. This world could not grow and run well without teachers. Remember, doctors, engineers, lawyer, architect and other professionals learned from their teachers.

I can’t imagine our society without teachers. Without them, this world will never be complete. That is why we should learn to give importance to our dearest teachers. Honor them, salute them, love them the same way you love your parents and give them the sweetest gratitude that they deserve for teaching us not just school lessons but also life lessons and for loving us as children of their own.

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