It is commonly assumed that people working in the government and serving the country and its people are making an unnecessary sacrifice. Of course, we can’t blame people who have that kind of thinking because there is reasonable basis for their frustration like widespread prejudices and inefficiency of some government employees. They are also stereotyped as lazy and corrupt. However, I wouldn’t accept that perspective.

          As I see it, to work in the government is such a beautiful privilege. How would I say that? Simply because there are a lot of people or let’s just say most of the people would aim to get position in the government yet those only qualified must be hired. So be thankful if you’re a government employee.

          Whenever we go to government agencies, we see how busy the employees are with the paper works and the tasks assigned to them, phone calls and etc. some may even be out of their wits and more often than not irritated with the people coming to them and ask for their assistance yet they remain cheerful and enthusiastic to help and serve the people whatever they need.

          Working as a government employee is burdensome. It will be difficult, at times, disappointing. But there is a saying that “anything easy is not worth it”. For me, whatever job, task or duty you are going to do. Whether it’s easy or difficult you just have to give your best.

          Even though, wages of government employees are not that high, only appreciation of people that you have helped or assisted is okay. Knowing that thye are happy and satisfied with the service that you have given is the best reward a government employee can receive.      


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