The climate change that we are now experiencing can be traced from the widespread effect of global warming. Global Warming is a serious threat. It is a problem that concerns not only the highly industrialized countries but the entire mankind. The temperature around the world registered an average of 14.73 degrees Celsius last year which was the warmest on record. Governments around the world have come to discuss the effect to take constructive steps to mitigate climate change now.

            Global warming is affecting all biodiversity and life in the planet and it will get worse if we fail to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to protect our forests. Forests help reduce global warming because they naturally absorb harmful carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The other is to reduce by 25 percent the emission of global warming gases.

            Our planet Earth is sick now. Mother Earth has been constantly feverish because of temperature rising. She needs trees. She needs us to plant trees. Planting trees is important. They do more than life pleasant; they make life possible. Trees take in carbon dioxide and their machines turn them into oxygen, trees sustain our lives and our planet in a thousand countless benefits. From the food we eat and the tables and chairs we used, from the medicines we drink, to newspaper we read all of these are by products of trees.

            If we continue destroying our natural capital, our trees, mother earth’s oxygen will be depleted and its climate altered, as greenhouse gases give way to lifeless, crack and barren land. Mother earth is sick now, global warming is its major cause! If we do not act now by planting billions of trees now the consequences will be devastating for the future.



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