Teachers are aware of the saying that, the “teacher is the best instructional material,” because the teachers are the ones who manage the classroom.  

             Many teachers are aware of the disadvantages of frequent use of question and answer technique in teaching. They know that with the use of this traditional teaching style, instructional materials are seldom used. There is no interaction among the students, and with this style in teaching, the teacher seems to be authoritative, he or she remains to be in the center stage. He or she needs to attempt different approaches in teaching to meet the needs of the learners.

                Among the biggest concerns of teachers in their teaching is the increase of achievement level of all the learners. Others are the appropriateness and effectiveness of the approaches, teaching and learning styles of the teachers and students. The strategies used, the teaching or learning materials they will use in the classroom, and their classroom management in general. Their main purpose is to facilitate, to ease, encourage, improve and to promote teaching-learning situations.

           There are considerable studies that revealed the importance of the use of teaching materials; therefore, teachers must consider different factors in the preparation and utilization of instructional materials. First to be considered in the preparation and utilization of IMs is its appropriateness and effectiveness to the learners. A teacher must also consider the amount to be incurred in the preparation of the materials. As much as possible the materials must be low-cost and authentic. It is good to note that apart from being inexpensive it is also appropriate and effective, so that students  will be helped to understand and learn new concepts .through the help of the four language macro skills reading, speaking, writing and listening.

                     Teachers must also realize that IMs impart in one way or another the quality of teaching; consequently,, teachers must be patient and persevering in finding an effective and appropriate learning materials. The learners will be helped to increase their  performance and achievement, knowledge, skills, and abilities. Another thing to be considered by teachers in the preparation of IMs is that they should be aligned with the curriculum guides and standards.

                  Summing it up, Instructional materials must be low- cost, timely, durable, can be stored and transported, and most of all it may help all learners to increase their achievement levels.



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