Home economics is one of the most important subjects in the K-12 curriculum. It is usually being taught in Grade seven as a primary component of Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE). In this subject area, boys and girls are taught some aspects of household management such as cooking, sewing, budgeting, child development, community awareness and health and hygiene.  Alongside with this exploratory stage of the students in high school is their stage of personal development wherein students start to undergo puberty. Thus, that is the most appropriate time for them to learn home economics.

In this modern era, family set-up in the Philippines starts to have significant change. Nowadays, both parents are working just to sustain their daily needs. Much worst to that, both parents are working abroad and the child is being left to the care of grandmother or other relatives. We cannot discount the care that the grandparents give to their grandchild but still the immediate love and care coming from parents is priceless.

In other situation, although the mother is present at home but because she is so occupied with a lot of responsibilities such as taking care of younger offspring, cooking, doing the laundry and other more also resulted to neglect. So, through home economics these kinds of situation at home can be addressed by teaching the students the correct perception and values. Home economics helps the student to become a responsible person and efficient assistant of parents at home. Instead of becoming a burden, the student becomes a partner of parents in home management.

Many skills can be learned in home economics that can be applied in daily living. The subject guides students to be self sufficient even in the absence of parents. For instance, he or she can cook her own food, do the laundry, budget the allowance and most important of all to take care of himself or herself.  Home economics does not disregard the important of parenting but it helps student adjust in the modern situation and becomes productive and responsible in school and at home at the same time.

Home economics is not solely about teaching home management. It is a very broad subject and it can be used to integrate other subjects such as math, values, science, etc. The advantage of home economics is its flexibility and it can adjust depending in the situation. So, home economics is an integral part of any curriculum and it always goes along with time.



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