Driving anywhere and anytime of the day without bringing food is not a problem anymore because side by side you can find a fast food chain and restaurant or if you are in the Philippines you can find a lot of carinderia. So, there is a lot to choose from and it will just depend on the budget the you have. Nowadays, even in the click of your keypad you can order a food and it will be delivered to you right upon your doorstep. The technology also plays a big part in the food industry and many has started from online selling and eventually succeeded and became rich.

Food and beverage is now an elevating trend and it seems like it will not slow down even in the near future. Apparently, this trend becomes contagious in many cities and towns in the country and it is like people are predicting what food stalls or restaurant will emerge next month or the coming months. There are also called food courts wherein there are selections of different food stalls in one place. So, you will no longer need to go from one place to another. It is just one step away.

Way back before, you can only find food court inside a big shopping mall. Trends make it convenient for the customer to explore and discover variety of foods in just a single place. Even the different types of cuisine are very accessible nowadays. Before, if you want to eat bagnet you have to travel north in the Ilocandia region but now just go to the food court or if you are lazy with budget you can search online and it will be delivered to you. That is how easy it is nowadays. Because of this trend, the food industry will keep on looking for more employees. As a result, the DepeD included food and beverage services in Senior high school as one of the specialized subjects under the technical-vocational livelihood (TVL) career track and it will be assessed by TESDA. Those who will pass the assessment will be awarded with an NCII. An NCII is a national certificate given by TESDA to those who would like to have a particular skill and work in a particular industry. Thus, it is now only given to Senior high school students but to anyone who enrolled at TESDA and passed the assessment.

Nowadays, food and beverage services stay as a reliable business for many entrepreneurs. It will always be a good source of income and employment as long as it catches the taste of the people and it knows how to catch up with the trend. People will never stop eating and longing for something new. People will always find a way to satisfy his craving. Therefore, in these days technology will always be a part of food industry to boost our craving through advertisement of different mouth watering foods that we can see whenever we are opening our gadgets, watching the television, going to the mall or even by just walking around. Food and beverage services will always be a trend as long as we need to feed our mouth and it will elevate in all aspects.



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