Accounting is a very difficult course and to finish a degree in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy entails hard work and perseverance much more to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  But all the sacrifices are worth it because accounting is a lucrative field and very high in demand right now.  The problem is CPAs are limited due to low passing rate in CPA Licensure Examination (CPALE).  In the recent CPALE (May 2019), the national passing rate dropped to 16.46% which is the lowest so far.  That’s why the demand continues to increase due to limited supply of CPAs.  The small tribe of CPA can enter four areas: Public Sector or Audit, Private Industry or Commerce, Government and lastly Academe.  There is misconception that CPAs should be working in the bank.  Which is not true, yes a CPA can work in banks but that is only one field which is private sector.  There are still three areas (Public, Government and Academe) wherein a CPA can land a job.

Academe is the least area that anyone expects that a CPA will enter into.  Many are surprised to know that a CPA can become Instructors/Professors.  Even in my wildest dream I didn’t imagined that I will be one.  Maybe for some CPAs they already envisioned themselves to enter into Academe during college days but for majority of us are considering entering Audit, Commerce and Government.      

Teaching is the noblest job.  CPAs who choose to take a part-time job to teach while having their work deserves respect most especially those who decide to become full time educators.  It is not easy to give up high salary paying jobs in exchange for becoming an Educator.  In this time wherein the passing rate of CPALE continues to drop, we need more dedicated and full-time CPAs slash Educators,  who are willing to take extra mile to increase the quality of teaching this difficult field. 


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