Program on Reading Readiness is important to prompt struggling pupils in making reading as regular part of their routine whether they’re reading solo or together with their reading teachers, parents, or friends. Teachers should have given a structured time to touch base with each pupil over a period of time, assess progress, and target instruction. Even more important, children must have a time to read what they want to read, share what they’ve read, and receive the support they need for further reading explorations and reflections.

         Literacy awareness can be done through a campaign in order to inform the community that reading is very important particularly to the primary pupils. To make the campaign a successful one, teachers can also seek donors who could provide “Learners’ kits” that can be used during reading in school. Meaningful reading activities are significant so that children will inspire to do the reading tasks given to them in school or even at home.

        Moreover, the pupils should have given a chance to show their enthusiasm in attending a reading readiness program by spreading the importance of reading in the community. The program for aiming a better achievement can make a positive impact to the parents… that reading could be the best gateway for their children’s literacy improvement.


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