Shampooing quickly turns into routine like brushing teeth or cutting nails. The proper hair washing routine takes advantage of the many good things you can do for your hair. Everybody knows how to shampoo and condition, but there are a large number of people who just seem to be mishandling their hair. This mishandling is having an effect on the hair that isn't beneficial.

       Orientation on proper ways to shampoo, condition, and dry the hair can be conducted in school so that the step-by-step instructions on washing hair properly to maintain its cleanliness can provide to all children.

        There are different step-by-step instructions on washing hair properly that can be given to all children. First is to comb residual styling products out of a hair in preparation for shampooing. And make sure that children will use a proper shampoo for their hair type. Lukewarm water can be used to dampen the hair. When it comes to the amount, an about half inch wide dollop of shampoo can distribute through the hair or it can be adjusted if the children are wearing long hair. Orient the children to massage their hair before rinsing it. Finally, rinse their hair and scalp with cool water, which feels exhilarating and stimulates the blood circulation. Orientation on proper shampooing is important for the children to eagerly welcome the proper care and respond with suppleness and silky shine.






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