Numeracy is one of the most important skills to have because it affects almost every aspect of our everyday lives. From knowing if we are getting the correct change at the shops, to understanding the scoring in a sports match, to measuring the correct baking ingredients for our cake, not to mention that almost every job needs basic numeracy—numeracy really does matter!

       To raise awareness of numeracy in school and community, Cataning Elementary School launched a numeracy awareness-raising campaign on July 24, 2019 by using posters during the foot parade to showcase how numeracy is important for all future careers and how it create lifelong benefits for themselves and others. As part of the strategy, the school has asked the parents to do their role in improving children’s numeracy by providing them with any easy access to math resources and by encouraging them to use them with their children.

         During the campaign, Dr. Ma. Elena V. Medina instructed all teachers to conduct Project 4 F’s as early as June so that all children will be familiarized with the math window cards. She also encouraged the teachers to use the numeracy toolkits that they have created in math subject.


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