What makes ideology become ideal ideology? This questions will lead to many answers based on the idea of different ideologies. There are different ideologies in different countries in the world with its own advantages and flaws. There are countries uses the ideology of Conversatism, Fascism, Socialism, Anarchism and Liberalism. Looking at the context and points of the different ideologies, Liberalism would be a good one.

               Liberalism is rooted in the Latin word liber which means “free”cor “not a slave”. According to Heywoods, individuals must enjoy his/her freedom like other people. Individual should be free in accordance with his/her interest.

               The concept of man and society is the core values of liberalism ideology (Adams, 1958). A person has the capacity to be free in the society where he/she belongs in terms of freedom of speech and/or choosing a religion. In Liberalism, you can do what you want but make sure that you are responsible to it.

               In addition, according to Adams (1958), he states that an individual is a self-directing being, which means he/she can decide on what to do, to get what he wants without outside force that will decide or dictate to him because in nature, man is a rational being. For Liberals, you are a free and rational person, you should think morally and rationally before you act and consider the other. In that sense, we can say that the views of Liberalism to man is good since it aims to make a free and responsible individuals.

               In the liberal views of the governance, the role of the government is to protect the pre-existing rights of an individual. The Government should not constraints the individual freedom of a person and make sure that they will ensure or holds the people to not infringe each other’s freedom and also let them voluntary participate in the community’s welfare. (Adams, 1958)

               In the other hand, the role of the state is not to set one standard of values to each member of the group but let the free exchange of products or items and/or ideas within the group. Indeed, it will help all the members of the group to share their own ideas to make the society move.

               At the end, there is no perfect ideology. Liberalism is good but it has also flaws-advocating equal freedom which leads to unequal results. All the ideologies have its own context and have its own advantage and disadvantage. But the bottom line is here to have good governance. All the ideologies have its own achievements, it depends on the government who has the authority to put society in their hands but make sure that there is consent and collaboration of all members of the group.




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Political Ideologies, an Introduction, fifth edition by Andrew Heywood


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