Politics is very crucial in the society, without it, our life would be a mistake. According to Khaled (2012) in his article The Impact of Politics in Everyday Life stated that “Politics is about life”. The decisions that made and established by the Government really affects our everyday life. The values of Politics really matters and can be seen in all corners of the society. In school, barangay even inside the family, Politics stand and take an action for orderliness. It is responsible in shaping the human society in terms of allocation of goods and resources, health care, security, education and the list goes on.

               In prior to that, the implementation of K-12 Curriculum in our country, Philippines, that started in the Aquino Administration set the Philippine ground of the country’s preparedness to face in the international battlefield when it comes to standard of good and high quality education. Though it face the scarcity of classrooms and teachers, as per the Department of Education reported that 66 thousand classrooms and 55 thousand teachers that will be needing to hold the large amount of students, the department working on it to make possible things happen. If this will successfully implemented and done, it will help our country a lot because of the skilled and knowledgeable learners that will produced of this curriculum eventhough we are not sure because it is under implementing. It will strengthen our work force and contributed to country’s progress and serve as mobile to success.

               Politics give us life through the output it make whether it is good or bad, it is for the sake of the society. The unending issue of War against Drugs of the Duterte’s Administration the resulted to human rights violations because of the massive killings that’s why it face many controversies. But in the otherhand, in the good side if it the Philippine National Police reported the 9.8 % decrease of the crime index in our country. We will infer that, in every action and decision of the Government, the positive and negative thing will arise and it is inevitable. Let’s just look it in a positive way.

               Meanwhile, the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao, resulted to grievances and appeal of the people particularly those who are experience Martial Law under the Dictator Ferdinand Marcos. But then, the President declared it to make Mindanao in peace through the military forced issued by the President to secure the affected people of Marawi City and to stop terrorism made by the Maute Group in the said city.

               Politics is something or everything we need for, in this world of despair and chaos. If good governance will apply in all comer’s of the society, the orderliness will come and the change will feel by the people. Politics is the developing if common decision for the group and to use it’s sovereignty for the benefits and for the sake of community’s welfare and survival (Saeed,2014). Truly the good governance will always look for the best of the society and to make it goals happen.


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