My Winning Atmosphere

Happy employees are more also resilient; they stay with their employees for the long term.

-George Gallup

Being happy is my foremost consideration in my job. I found my work a little boring and tedious but my co-workers are the ones who’s making it more appealing for me to continue. There are times I wanted to change my career path but here I am, I always found myself laughing with them again in the morning and every morning.

I am sometimes amaze of the accomplishments I am making in a day or two. Some are tedious and even challenging. I know my haven of certainty had pushed me to be resilient in many ways. I am sure one reason is being happy to what I do and who I am with while working.

My goal as a worker is simple. Aside from being the bread and butter of my family, I feel that this job fulfills me as an individual. It may be boring to some, but this job is my life, my everyday life. I know that someday I will have better pasture, hence one thing for sure, life will never be as happy as my haven today.



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