Most often than not, we teachers have worries too, in facing our students’ guardian; especially if it involves unfavorable issues coupled with misbehavior, naughty acts, absentism, non-compliance of subject requirements and worst, physical hurt inflicted against someone in the school. 

               Usually, parents may come to us with entirely unexpected agenda, and we must be prepared with that. If not, you, as a teacher, might be in a direct shame. Really, meeting with our students’ parents can sometimes be a daunting experience.

Below are some suggestions which might be of great help to you.

  1. Since you are in a position of professional authority, greet the parents concerned with ease and confidence. Be pleasant. Be cordial.
  2. It is best to start with your students’ achievements in class first based on his class performance, his positive outlook in life backed up by your examples and observations.
  3. Maintain your cool/calmness as a teacher, do not display arrogance. Be respectful. Be professional!
  4. Be direct to your point in laying the facts of the problem.
  5. Record your conversation if possible.
  6. Bring the meeting to an end with a brisk conclusion and a smile.

Let the parent feel the warmth of your genuine concern for the welfare of his son/daughter. Parents and teachers are two major inseparable factors in the academic life of all the students. Maintaining a harmonious relationship with each other is not an option but a must! After all, you are heading the same goal… and that goal is to have the student to be at his best in the future;

-Someone who upholds his dignity!

-Someone who is productive!

-Someone who is value laden!

-Someone who is a proud Filipino!

And you, my dearest teacher, will start the fire burning!


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