A Teacher’s Need for Continued Professional Growth

In any field of work, continuous learning is required to keep anyone to be in good shape, be updated and still be on fire with the kind of profession he chose to be in.

               Having and focusing on your career path development will lead you beyond your expected work environment.

               Primarily, this is the reason why our DepEd family usually approves of seminars under the umbrella of the said agency. Opportunities and productive trainings allow us to maximize both learnings and career options.

               Young professionals nowadays has opened their doors to take further studies, team building seminars and personality development courses to enhance themselves.

               Such steps are wise moves in achieving the ends which they are aiming at. Advanced steps like these will certainly open up a lot of job opportunities, not to mention the expansion of one’s professional knowledge and personal experiences.

               Personally speaking, which I strongly suggest for you to move in your career, is for you to gain more teaching certifications in English or Science, Math and other fields.

               The goal is to have the capacity to handle more than just one class and have the chance to be promoted.

               Having other field of expertise will be a good pass for self-reliance and self sufficiency of experience and application. Good communication skills and leadership prowess are key qualifications which must be enhanced by all.

               These are usually the indicators of those who succeed in their particular fields.

               Our seminars are solid grounds for having our hidden skills. Everybody needs to be polished and must have the limelight to shine.

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