The Marks of a Good Teacher

Teachers have their own strengths to share in the teaching world they are into. They’re uniqueness can sometimes be to their advantage and disadvantage at times.

               At a certain point in time, I wondered what makes a good teacher.  And here’s what my inner thoughts have to say:

  • A good teacher never forgets that it is her learners, not the program nor the kind of school that determines the achievement of a teacher.
  • A good teacher establisher clear expectations from the very start of the year and consistently monitor it as the year progresses.
  • A good teacher manages her classroom thoughtfully and when she says something, she means it.
  • A good teacher exactly reacts on point when a student misbehaves.
  • A good teacher has one goal: to keep that misbehavior from happening again.
  • A good teacher has high expectations for his students, but has even higher expectations for himself. Teaching may not be the best profession here on Earth, but in my mind, it is the very foundation of all the existing professions around.

Without us as mentors, who would ever be a professional for that matter?

In essence, a good teacher does not only educate the minds of his learners… But most importantly, a good teacher educates the hearts of his learners.

Content knowledge may sometimes be forgotten but good behavior and thoughts anchored in the correct values in life never fades away.

#Proud to be a teacher!

#Mabuhay ang mga guro!

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