There are times when we get into some interesting confusions in life. Experience leads us to delve deeper into answering questions as we wonder on the wisdom we can gain from it.  As it passes our way, there are urgings that provoke us to give time and to think about it. When is time given to reflection we discover the truth.

          In school, Mathematics is considered as one of the most feared subject by many students. But whether it is, like or hated, life on earth is not without numbers to face and solve.

          All of us are always in a lot of challenges in our daily lives. As we face these challenges, we need to arrive at good decisions. In doing so, we make plans for advancement and we can be on tract of having a good start.  Our mind tells us that we are to build something out of our purpose to serve our goal. With this, knowledge about numbers is significantly important for us to come up with practical disclosures.

          In general, meeting our objectives in life needs a lot of mathematical analysis before we can attain the purpose of every task that we have every day. Like in any project, be it in school or in actual situation it is a must for us to consider the big picture so that we can positively gain from it. Needless to say, we must first be equipped with the basic building component of life given us and that is in giving importance to numbers.

          General or specific projects require us to apply and properly use mathematics.

Working on specific project is quite the same with any endeavor we have to undertake, let us expect that the use of numbers is indispensable.  

          The efficacy of human projects require a set of five basic components to work with. They are time, human resource, fund, venue, and equipments. Given a practical view of this foundational truth, all endeavors of mankind has to have proper quantity and measures using units and appropriate numbers.

          The knowledge of mathematics has proven to be helpful to all the generations of men then, now, and in the future. As a worthy advice, learners in school must take interest in learning and adding to their skills the beneficial wisdom about the infinity of numbers. While there is still the luxury of opportunity, we must gain from it.


                      Truth is, no one can evade the number process for as long as we live.





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