There is one good reminder for those who dream of a stable life that goes something like, “It is good to be employed to earn a living, but better if the same time to be an entrpreneur while working.”

          Young people must dream big. Aside from enjoying that freedom, it is also an opportunity to be motivated to pursue the bright and better things for the future.  

          Math has taught us the fundamental operations with which we can use to help us succeed in life. In whatever aspirations and goals we may have, addition subtraction, multiplication, and division will prove their worth as friendly companions that will empower us to realize those entrepreneurial dreams.

                    It is an advantage to be equipped with the knowledge about numbers. The more one practices and applies the fundamentals of arithmetic the skills and ability of a person to make assessments and evaluations can be further developed in accordance to realistic business projections.

                    When making a plan to start even a small business, knowledge in math becomes a precious asset. In making projections in feasibility studies, it will be easier to make calculations when numbers are used to designate and mark our ideas on possible income generation. It is also a must to consider the mitigation of risks in managing a business on the safe side before overheads take its toll. No successful businessman for that matter are not without the daily process of number crunching activities when they build the great financial empires for themselves.

                    The inputs and outputs of a business strongly rely on the accuracy of data recording and gathering. Its significance is usually expressed in numbers regardless of the currency being used. Business targets are quantified in numbers even the quality that is expected is also shown in  numerical values. Among other things the prospect of seeing a business that is successful or at a losing end is always based on the numbers it produces as a result. Either of both ways, big business decision-making processes always rests on the number games.


                    Indeed it is a sense of freedom to dream big and it is more certain to turn one dream after another to reality when we consider making numbers as a priority in our work.





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