Every once in a while it would be great if we allow our minds to wander. It is a wonderful time to think and explore about the possibilities of life. Before we know it, we are able to appreciate the value of all the things around us which we may not consciously notice with a mere glance.  First, it makes us think and then we experience the wonderful things we are missing amidst the busy hub of life’s endless activities.

          We can start and take a deep breath to begin with our thoughts running free and vividly take the snapshots of what life in this world would be if there are no numbers.

          Just imagine a world without time. There will be no seconds, minutes, and hours to tell us the duration of day and night. There will neither be months nor years since no calendar will make distinctions between eras and generations that separates man from ages. It is tantamount to a no past, a no present, and a no future that can be spoken about. Well, we can say that the men of old are as rational as we are who can improvise the appearances of the sun, moon, and stars and use them as guide. Without time and numbers we will still be doing everything in primitive ways.

          We can also try to picture a scenario where life is without measures. A situation where there are no divides and boundaries is a place of total confusion. Chaos sprouts when there is no point to agree on territorial rights like the present day ownership of real estate properties. When disputes arise in every aspect, struggle for survival will torment lives without fail. It will be a case where only the strong will stand but not with the continuous challenges of being eventually dethroned of his seat.

          Being primitive is when people are devoid of peace and order. Progress in the absence of a system will be slow. Living will be left stagnant and development will be hard to plan and attain when we are devoid of numbers. Without the potent use of lines, angles, figures, and shapes, living in comfort is next to impossible.

          Education is man’s legacy amidst the continuous changes in life. It is a personal investment that no one can take away from an individual. When knowledge is gained and learned, living will bring us a lot of wonderful promises. Words and numbers are essential to humankind, it only needs to be understood and comprehended. Mix the potential of the two and we have the real science of life.