Better than Yours

Why there are some instances when you are actually waiting for something that you might longing for a period of time and never did happen. There are times you feel you’ve given up and loose hope but surprisingly things happened out of sight.

You will be asking yourself, why on this stage when you least expect it? Why it happened at this point when all of my resources are gone? How are you going to survive?

Perhaps there is also a time when you think you’ve done enough but things don’t really work out on your side; yet you are still hoping and consoling yourself nevertheless frustration came along.  

Cliché it may sound but HIS plan is always better than yours. Do not rush and act that you have to acquire something over to justify your worth. Though the momentum of success is flourishing into your blood stream be aware that there is the word CONTENTMENT.

Probably the thing right thing to do right now is to nurture your priority at this moment. Let God pursue your happiness through His ways.

Life is too short, do not focused on things that you’ve plan and wished to happen. The key to achieve everything is to PRAY and ask for His guidance. Possibly your track right now is the best at this moment.

That is why you have to chill. Just wait for the extravagant things that is about to happen. For His love is a blanket that comforts you worries. Trust HIM because His ways are better than anything in this world.


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