Bullies are students who are frequently seeking for attention by showing strong personality. Bullies tend to show that they were bossy, sturdy, manipulator and most of all; they send an image that they are the predator among their peers.

               Cases are mostly seen inside the classroom situation where students show this character during school hours. Learning the situation from time to time never ended the dilemma because letting them know that they are the worst is a wonderful feeling for them. The more hates they received the more proud they become to their selves.

               What could be the root cause of this problem? Why it’s always been the scenario? Why there is a one child or two, ended up to be proud by becoming the nastiest person in someone’s bad experience. Are they happy while doing it?

               These are the question of some teacher like me who had students with these cases. Unfortunately these past experiences lead to a more intricate understanding. We must learn that these students who are having this kind of character are not on their happy state. We do believe that these particular students are trying to discharge their anger, frustration and hunger for LOVE.  For them the only way to get the attention is to be an oppressor.

               So if there will be a time that you encounter this kind of child, be the way to direct their emotion to the right path. Let’s give them a little extra of everything like love, care and understanding.

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