“Reading is dreaming with open eyes.” Through reading, one has the ability to go to different places and explore things beyond reality. Children are known for being imaginative, curious and creative. To enhance these characteristics and intelligences, every school should introduce the making and the use of the reading area where children can read and learn using different materials and printed texts.

          We cannot deny that the proper utilization of the reading program could provide a positive impact to all children when it comes to enhancing reading. If all schools will only be focused to its primary goal which is the development of basic reading and literacy skills, no child will be left behind.

           Clearly, many children have difficulty learning on how to read so, teachers must know how to develop it by investigating skills and systems involved in reading in order to be able to design educational reading program. A sufficient practice in reading to achieve fluency and sufficient background knowledge and vocabulary are important keys for successful reading.

           Children should be motivated and encouraged to read and learn different materials such as: activity cards and flash cards that will help them in recognizing words, listening comprehension and oral language development.

            Home reading report plays also an important role in strengthening the participation of the parents in children’s literacy journey. Parents can give their utmost support by giving their free time to teach pupils who still do not have alphabet knowledge and phonological awareness. But let us always remember that teaching children to read is not enough, so we have to give them something worth reading. Something that will stretch their imaginations and something that will help them make sense of their own lives.  

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