A person officially enrolled is deemed to be a bona fide student, but admit it: A child who is only enrolled but not performing his roles dutifully should only be perceived a student but not a LEARNER.

In the mid of the pandemic, I came to realize that. Because of the quarantine everyone was advised and encouraged to practice home school which is believed to play a very vital role this academic year. Thus, parents and guardians are expected to cooperate to make this year a success despite the challenges.

Through learning at home even without necessarily being enrolled to a particular school, learning will take place. Therefore, the child is considered to be called a learner rather than a student. This is my personal opinion, I think, every student has to be a learner in their own simple ways.

A student may simply be someone who is extrinsically motivated in contrast to a learner whose motivation comes from within. Between the two, a learner is more preferable to have but it would be for the best if these would be combined: student-learner.

Yes, a student-learner is what I hope, and I think also prayed for by my other colleagues in the field. We want to see students officially returning to the old practice of going to school conducting face to face classes and become enthusiastic learners as they participate in the discussion.

Indeed, what had happened is a great turning point in everybody’s life. I just hope we can all sustain our grip to hope until such hope finally arrives.

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