Work Environment and Moral Tone

Let all our deeds conform to ideals? Why should it be? Because the principles will hold firm and the values we show will inspire others too. Whenever we fall short in our doings, stand up again and persevere till the end until we gave regain the right value and moral. This can be done when we practice the values everyday so that the virtue we want to attain will be in place because the principles supports it. As the late great physicist said, “Morality is of the highest importance- but for us, not for God.”.

                We always underscore the ethics we want to develop, whereas we have to start within ourselves little by little so that such will anchor on our very being. Let us not be alone. Become part of influencing others to do good and set the morale for each and every one. Others will follow our pursuit when we have shown integrity in what we do. Such can influence others by way of example. Teamwork is becoming more and more crucial in our daily work including temporary cooperation and some large-scale projects. “Based on the standard economic theory, individuals will always be obsessed with their personal interests and tempted to free-ride on the contributions of others. Scholars also argue that it is difficult and costly to sustain high quality cooperation” (Chen et al., 2015; Pereira and Lenaerts, 2015).

                In our work environment, we acquire experiences to make us stand on our own. It also widens the opportunity for self-assertion and be able to use our personal talents whereby we gain self-fulfillment.

                Let us not forget to gain knowledge while performing our job. Knowledge and values should go hand in hand. This way, we will gather enough wisdom and genuine success while doing the things we love to do.

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