The earth is still rotating 24 hours a day and the time zones in the world have remained with the same standard measure for the coming and passing of the day and night. Time never stood still but with the global outbreak of the pandemic, life has categorically slowed down. Suddenly, life was shaken with the onset of Covid-19.

            The current scenario has separated man’s priorities between the usual normal and the most anticipated “new normal.” The daily exponential increase in the number of infected cases due to the virus has broken the thread of the usual virtue of cultural norms known to man. The normal close-together gathering of people has changed to social distancing, in compliance to the one meter or more protocol of health safety for everyone. The standard face-to-face relating with others during a meeting or in simple social huddle has shifted to online touch-me-not modality in terms of getting connected to one another. The shaking of hands has shifted to often handwashing as necessary.

And, the “show me your face” ethical way is transfigured to regular wearing of a face mask. Such are the new factors that somehow slowed down the pace of life nowadays not only in a virtual sense but as a reality that everybody has to accept as part of self preservation.           

            But it is not only the social norm of man’s culture or way of life that is affected by the pandemic. The sharp blade of the pandemic also cuts deep through the provisional needs to live in terms of economy. Trade is cut-off, business stops operating, and unemployment spreads like a forest fire in the present days. With budgets depleted to provide families with at least three meals per day, the biggest challenge with the recorded fast increase of infection is the sustained capability of the health care system to cope up with the situation in every country of the world. When the economy crashes and crumbles, the stark possibility of a global recession can also mix up with the pandemic. Amidst all these, we have to let go but we must never give up.

            What then shall we do to be able to hold on before we can have the new normal?

            The present socio-economic concern is an opportunity for all of us to face both the virtual and real time challenge of Covid-19. The rest of the way into a new normal may take long and grueling to set aside. While many are getting frantic and confused about the situation, those who are ready to take the challenge at hand should be a catalyst to change.

            At this point in time, the remoteness of a future new normal is a matter of practical logic as in everything is not permanent.  The time to start it is now, for life to be better the next day we must unite and take an inner look to self discipline to overcome the challenge; with it and not only ourselves will be saved, in doing something noble, we can also save the lives of others.

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