We are living in a very competitive world. Life has changed since the advancement in technology sets in. Activities are triggered in a fast paced arena of getting things worked out at the right time and place. Many call it progress, for others it is about improving development and for the rest it is coping up.

            Everything; Yes! Almost everything goes changing day after day. The latest gadget model can be too old to say as new after a month of use. New products mean new cravings for consumership. It is like a finger snap and suddenly things are a bit different. As wants continue to grow as a sign of demand, the “always be in the trend” is tantamount to somehow something will soon give way in the long run. It will be like blowing in the wind when sustaining is not sustainable anymore. So, we have to learn on giving value to the worth of everything that we have.

            Competition is natural with the advancement of time. Being a competitor in any aspects of life is not always getting ahead of the pack. Rather, it requires staying power to be in the race and the will to cross the finish line. All things being equal, we must be able to learn that everything that we see around us is indispensible.

            The value of things can be measured by their worth. Essentials must be defined and qualified for we do not have to live on wants but to fulfil the necessary needs. To simply define the value of something is to look at its price tag; whereas, the worth of something is showcased by its usefulness and fringe benefit. Not all things that glitter is gold. It is the same principle that works in having to decide or choose between wants and needs and between the essential and the dispensable.

            Everyday we are exposed to making options, choices, and decisions. We make assessments and evaluations before we finally decide on what is beneficial. Be it at work, at home or at play, a beneficial decision will help us value the worth of our endeavors.


            Most of all wherever we go we meet people all the time. We learn a lot from them, both good and bad. It is in this way that we are able to build on relationships. Discernment can tell us whether the matter of relating with others is good and beneficial when we know the give-and-take value to the worth of friendship and companionship in a two-way street.

            Whatever our dreams and aspirations are, we must be aware that in the journey called life the value of wants is better weighed by the essential worth of the things that we can achieve and have in a lifetime. It is all about the value’s worth.

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