Unemployment is an unfortunate result of a pandemic situation and to be in a workplace is a privileged matter. Successful organizations are dependent on people that can deliver the service at the right time and situation. It is the reason for screening and hiring the most qualified individual to be part of their workforce.

            Application credentials can speak a lot about a person in superlatives. In the first place, a good initial presentation of oneself can be a ticket in getting a job item. It is good to be true, but soon enough the desired expectation can be gauged from the actual work performance.

            Be it on contractual basis or getting a shot to a regular post, work is both earning a living and living it well. Aside from the required knowledge and skill person deserves the job so much so when work demands to be under pressure. The same principle holds true in terms when an individual is self employed and minding his own business.

            In a brief summary the secret about work should be kept as simple as possible. It need not be complex since it is something to be enjoyed instead of being endured. The principles of work can be presented as acceptance to the 5Ws and H of a continuous learning and living process. The answers to the what, who, where, when, why and how are sufficient enough to make work interesting.

            Work is similar to writing another chapter in one’s life.  It is to be personally written by the person given the work as an opportunity. In question format, answers can substantiate the meaning of work in proper perspective.

            The WHAT represents the vision and mission of the work we are doing;

            The WHO identifies the proper authorities and stakeholders that we will serve with due respect and courtesy;

            The WHERE refers to the community of people that we need to serve with sincerity and honesty;

            The WHEN points to our commitment to always do and complete the job on time;

            The HOW guides us to the process it takes to bring out good results; and

            The WHY which is considered as the most important is the enabling and empowering foundation in understanding the purpose of the work we are doing.    

            When all of the above are properly answered it will enable us to be a productive channel of work. As we learn to accept our individual limitations we will be opening the doors of opportunity to improve and become even better.

            Team spirit makes up for better inputs and outputs towards productivity. Let us always be mindful of our co-workers, it is key to personal developments on both ends in terms of insights to individual experiential learning. Work is about needing and helping each other. We can never outlast work since it is endless but we can enjoy work as it lasts with content and peace of mind working with others as we do.      

            Actually there is really no secret in keeping up with the busy days in the workplace. Just make each work day count the productive and result-oriented way it should be. Progress and development are for those who never stops learning until one good job comes after another until it is said as “well done.”

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