Technology Outcome

When you think of the word “technology”, what comes to mind? It might sound like something from a sci-fi show, or something that has to run an electricity. Technology makes us think of the very complex, but energy doesn’t have to be complex

Technology is the use of scientific knowledge for practical purposes or applications, whether in industry or in our everyday lives. So basically, whenever we use our scientific knowledge to achieve some specific purpose, we're using technology. Well, there is slightly more to it than that. Technology usually involves a specific piece of equipment, but that equipment can be incredibly simple or dazzlingly complex. It can be anything from the discovery of the wheel, all the way up to computers and smartphones.

There is no doubt that technology has a huge impact in our lives. First, it is easy to communicate. Before, people used post cards and letters or snail mail to communicate to their loved ones abroad and need to wait for a long time to get a reply.  Nowadays, it is just a click away and a minute to have the response with the aid of smartphones and other mobile gadgets. Second, it provides convenience to everyday lives especially to education. Technology gives an ease of learning new things in this world.  Previously, there is a difficulty to obtain information of a certain thing, one need to visit the library.  But today, it’s easy to access the internet to look for the data, picture, video, etc. These are few advantages that technology can do to our daily lives.

If there are advantages, of course there are also the disadvantages. Technology is not bad at all, but with its improper use, it may lead to unfavorable outcome. Take for example the use of internet.  Internet is a very useful technology but if abused, it can lead to cybercrime like identity stealing, hacking of information, cyberbullying, and more. It has also a negative impact on physical, mental and social development of children. Instead of doing physical activities like playing outdoor games, they spend their times on their cellphones or computers and prefer to play online games. Regular use of technology can damage the health mainly in the form of vision problems, insomnia, obesity, and hearing problems too. Excessive usage of technology can lead to laziness, impatience and dependence

Technology is one of the most wonderful creation of mankind. As technology progresses, the most beneficial it is to society and to human condition. During these odd times, it is really tough to live without technology in our lives. But everything has its two sides, the pros and cons. Negative effect of technology especially in our environment is inevitable but what we can control is the effect of technology on us as human. It’s true that technology makes our work fast and convenient, also it easily connects us to people around the world. Our social interaction is boxed in our smartphones and devices that we neglect to physically, mentally and emotionally connect to our family. It’s important to remember that there are more to life than our devices. Have some quite time for yourself without the presence of smartphones or internet. Find a new hobby, read some inspirational books while drinking coffee or tea, go out and stretch those muscles during free time. Sometimes it feels good to be back to basic. Technology is the best gift we have now but we have to be responsible users of technology. Remember everything should be in moderation.

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