Modernization was rapidly adapted in this present generation. The growth of modern technologies has a significant impact to the needs of the society, in communications, businesses, agricultural sectors and even in educational aspects.

         The significance of technologies in the development of education in the Philippines is undisputable. Back when computers were not yet introduced in the Philippines, books was the primary references of teachers and students in the teaching-learning process. Several concerns during this books era were also encountered such as, inadequacy of books supplies and inaccuracy of book contents due to limited researches. Early 90ls when internet was introduced in the Philippines. Internet has played a very vital role in the learning aspect of a student. Students has now the easy access to information through the use of popular search engines like Google and other site providing relevant information in just a click. It also provides the teachers effective teaching tools by using printed materials, images or animations gathered through the internet which captures the learner's attention,

Toda/s trends of accessible and convenient learning tools used by every individual nowadays was the online video tutorials, such as YouTube tutorial videos wherein viewers were taught by merely watching the videos posted - this method of learning was actually utilized way back mid-nineteenth century in Europe known as distance learning. Distance Education or distance learning is traditionally defined as, any educational or learning procedure in which the guide and the student are separated geographically. There is no interaction between students. Initially the respondents of this learning method were those professional individuals, persons with disabilities, and those who live in areas where schools do not exist yet. Distance learning includes:

  • ) Internet-Based courses wherein students receives instructions from websites, emails, and electronic bulletin boards;
  • ) Video-Based courses which includes pre-recorded videos sent to students for them to view and two-way interactive like video callings where teachers and students may interact; and
  • ] Audio-Based courses such as phone conferences, radio broadcasting and pre­

recorded audio CD’s

Online education actually exists before we realized that it was a modern necessity. It was indeed a necessity nowadays, considering the fact that we need to defer to the rapid access to information. We are actually using this approach in an informal way.

Isaac Asimov said "Education isn’t something you can finish**. It is actually a continuous process, a never-ending process. Even when times like this, that a pandemic strikes worldwide, still, education shouldn’t skip. Online class is the most sensible means of acquiring education during this period of crisis. There are possible snags may come across along the journey of online education in the Philippines, one of which is the poor and costly acquisition of internet connection. We can't deny the fact that not every household has their own internet connection where they can use anytime. Also, not every household can afford a strong internet connection^ However, the Government provided several easy and non-costly means so that no one will be left behind in the online education such as printed modules and pre-recorded videos which can be viewed offline. Another seems to be a disadvantage for online education was the possibility of underestimating the non­interaction between the teacher and the learner. Here comes the duty of the guardian or parents of the learner. The guardian, in the absence of the teacher shall be the one guiding the learner throughout the online education. Distractions may also appear along the way. This may be the major problems for online educators. Social media plays a huge influence to our daily lives as it became popular to all ages. Some students get distracted to online applications like Mobile gaming, YouTube and Netflix Viewing and other sites used for communications. Instead of getting their homework done, students consume much of their time in social medias, hence, strict guidance from the parents is advised. There are also applications restrictions wherein launching to several sites can be controlled.

Internet emergence was undeniably beneficial nevertheless, we are also aware that too much consumption make it disadvantageous. We are much privileged that we already had this means for education especially at times like this, we won’t be skipping a school year because we are able to access easy education. It was up to us on how we should utilize it for our own good. Discipline and cooperation is all we need to achieve a successful online education.

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