An Open Letter from a Parent of an Online Student in Times of Pandemic

My child, please don't get bored at home.

It is the safest place for you to stay.

Do not be afraid to miss chats with your friends,
real friends stay at close when you were far.
Do not be afraid to miss some outdoor activities,

There are things you can only learn inside our home.
Do not be afraid that your teacher can't teach you,

Then you'll be trained to iearn on your own.

My child, I am here.

I will protect you and I will guide you.

Dear Teacher, thank you for your dedication on your profession.
I know you've wanted to keep in touch with our child,
To impart knowledge at first hand.

Do not be afraid to try supplementary methods of teaching,

I am here to support you that our child may engross
Your precious lessons.

It’s okay my dear, it is our responsibility to keep my child,
Your child also (for you are the second parent)

To protect them at all times.

Till you and our child meet again.

Fellow parents, Fd like you to reflect on it.

That’s the first lesson our child has learned, came from us.
We are the first teacher, aren't we?

Do not be scared that your child won't learn from you
Instill in mind that you wanted just the right and the best
For your child

Let us keep giving our best shot in making our child at their best

Dear world, I know you're thirsty and tired.
Your battle is on its peak.

Sooner or later will come to an end

Know that weVe got each other's back
Lean on us and thou shouldn't fall

Almighty Father, have mercy on earth

Forgive us our sins and heal our Land

For you above all is our vaccine against this pandemic.
We, your children asks in your merciful heart to shower us
With your ever powerful love

For you are our unseen shield
protecting us from the deadly virus

You are the end of this pandemic and you are our new

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