No more, HHWW or Holding Hands While Walking. No more, public socialization more than a meter. Social Distancing is being imposed. No wearing of day make-up instead masks are put on the faces, additionally the face is covered with a face shield to prevent the contamination of the body from the Corona Virus from entering the body.
The previous establishments like the mall, marketplaces, shops, supermarkets, food courts, clinics, parks and especially schools and universities which were previously being bombarded and congested with people, now can be seen with ease and relaxation, in the sense that less people are going to these places because of the frightening idea of the corona virus that they may be carrying asymptomatically or they may get from exposures.
With this scenario on hand, the schools and universities in the Philippines had to make some changes which are actually drastic and abrupt. The society was not that ready in this kind of health war. The quality of education is at stake and these must be resolved. Certain solutions were given to the Juans of the country and expecting the resistance to changes, some Juans actually did accept it, some resisted it.
What more can we expect? People are in the mixed emotions of what they are experiencing. No one must be blamed for what happened, because these could make things worse. People must survive and people must accept these things to survive.
Much to the people’s surprise and dilemma is the statement “when things go back to its proper and normal way”. This is the common statement usually heard from the Juans and Marias in the country. The vaccine is what the people are after to now. They said, that if “the vaccines will be available then people may walk free and careless, people may go back to its previous normal way.” As time goes by, the Juans and Marias had to be strong as they are seeing that the silver linings they are holding to, are now covered with less light and more clouds for them. As they soar their hopes high as to how much the cost of these vaccines may be and if these are actually safe, then these hopes to finally walk and see the ray of sun touching one’s face becomes vague, but they kept on hoping, after all Filipinos are known to be cheerful, happy and full of hopes.
The Department of Education as well as the Commission on Higher Education with these things on hand, had to initiate actions, such that, they had come up with alternative learning systems which may cater all the needs of the little Juan and Marias working their way to achieve quality education as well as adjusting the school academic calendar. These ideas had made most teachers experience stress as well as agony. Most parents are also quite stress as they have to provide their young Juans and Marias the equipment that they need. Of course, the Internet subscription may not always be free and available to everyone. It comes with a cost, and this cost had taken a great toll among the older Juans and Marias in the country.
Much to the surprise, also are the expected second and third waves of the pandemic which makes the people sad, worry, full of pain and anxiety especially those little Juans and Marias whom are asking to be with their schoolmates again.
The government and all the authorities of course is doing all their best to give the best to its people.
Nevertheless, questions such as,
“If the vaccines are available, could the people go freely and watch movies in the cinema just like before?” 
“If the vaccines are available, could the school teachers, university and college professors and the students walk with their hands clasps with one another, just like the usual before scenarios?”
 “If the vaccines are available, could the previous face to face scheme of learning be back just like the way before?”
Questions like these need to be pondered and rethought.
With these things on mind, still, the Juans and Marias keep on asking one another, so now, what’s next.
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