The COVID 19 had been quite a while in the country and all over the world. Much of the things presented on TV and throughout the Internet is all about the virus.
Scared people are now given more warnings, more hygienic things to follow and more health recommendations. What is worse is that the academic calendars is always found to be quite enormously problematic, in the beginning.
With this, one of the good qualities of the Filipinos during these times of crises is the ability to maintain its happiness. Such that aside from smiling a lot as Filipinos, Filipinos tend to nurture young ones , the students more than before. With the current diversity and chaotic times, phoenix-like people whom are good Samaritans are reflection of good values and valuable traits.
One of the things which I had personally seen was that of the school matters. Teachers had been sacrificing much previously even before these pandemic, however during these times, teachers had to stress and stretched more of what they might be having less. Meaning as they go further in this pandemic, because of the quality education that they had been wanting to give towards the students, most of them are busy doing modules, even while having their own household chores, they had been doing online classes, while tutoring their own children, they had been giving free data for other children and students at their own expense, thinking where do they get these extra money? They are trying to break their own piggy banks for the students they loved most. My realization is that: With the new pandemic, let us try to shed more lights to other people so that they may also share the blessings which might be little by little being taken up by depressions, anxiety and agony.
As teachers, as good Samaritans whom are willing to sacrifice everything to achieve quality education, what do they get in return?
Let us try to think for a while.
Love. From the students whom will grow and had to experience the love and passion given by their teachers, let us always remember. “Love begets love.”
Smiles. The smiles which may decrease the chance of diseases and increase the immune system of the body hence fighting viruses.
Good Reputation. In the proverbs (Bible) it was identified that a good name is more worth thanks gold or silver.
So technically teachers are rich with love, smiles and good reputations.
With the following stated above, may the teachers of today, be inspired to continue their good deeds and may other people along with all the professionals be swayed by the good patterns shown by these real time heroes.

Merrill,Stephen. (2020). Teaching Through a Pandemic: A Mindset for This Moment.
. Retrieved on October 2020.


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