How do we meet students’ standards during this pandemic? Is this the proper question? Or should one say, how to meet the reality of learning mathematics amidst the pandemic?
Questions such as: during the face to face classroom settings, students find it hard to cope, what more during this online classes where questions are skyscraping and answering the students seem to discuss something amidst the abyssal darkness which may be augmented with the queries of the parents and the shoulder to shoulder burden of the mathematics teachers in finishing the required tasks on module making?
A mathematics teacher in this time of pandemic had to see the “silver lining” even when the work is surging and over lapping. The personal family issues and personal feelings of the mathematics teachers are often neglected since it is their oath to do “duty first”.
So in here, as to much surprise, the mathematics remediation program will not focus on how to assist students and guide them to enhance their mathematics learning, let the modules and the online classes provided by the Department of Education, the District and the Administrators do those. There will be no doubt that this is actually done in almost all parts of the country, since that is the main purpose of education-providing quality service and excellence. In this article the main target are the mathematics teachers whom are stressed and doing multi-tasking especially that the face to face is not yet allowed, the paradigm shifting from a family member, to a mathematics teacher, to a sister, or a brother or a mother may intensify the battle cry of these noble teachers whom wanting to get the job done.
Here are some tips, which may be suggested to alleviate the negative emotions the mathematics teachers might be feeling, after all, numbers must be correctly given to students, so mathematics teachers may find it intense to commit mistakes on their jam board or during discussions, even with the statement” to err is human”, mathematics teachers minimize errors in numbers since that is their job. So this might be a suggestive reward for the efforts of all the mathematics teachers.
1. Have a specific spot for teaching and learning, meaning a specific spot where you can meditate and become professional even inside the house.
2. Use your uniform or your professional attire when teaching, put on makeup, stockings (if you do those) and some of the normal stuff you do prior to entering your classroom.
3. Once in a while it may be better if you could have your “me” time in your “job spot” and play some online sports, online games or if you are not very fond of those, you may have your entertainment TV channel turn on as to your specified time.
4. Ideally speaking, everyone might have their fast internet, fast equipment and the likes, but reality speaking, some could not afford it, therefore be patient and appreciate what are your limitations as well as your status for the moment, accept it and you will be happy.
5. Finally, every morning as you wake up, have your mantra for the day, like saying “every little thing will be okay”, “you just need to be strong”, “all is well” (from the movie three (3) idiots) and such.
With being positive every now and then, and accepting the mathematics remediation program, then it will be a positively blast of energy and you will shine and bloom as well as making this positive vibes contagious to everyone, including your bosses!

Delgado, Paulette. (2020). The Teaching of Mathematics Requires Urgent Restructuring, says report. Retrieved on October 2020.

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