This are all types I don’t go to them  one by one but let me emphasize to you, that before some types of  blended learning required a faced-to-faced instruction so that I would not work for a meantime at least , that we know that they are existing. Blended Learning- they are different types of blended learning we have, at station rotation we have blended learning teacher who have various stations, one could be learning station on the other one maybe the collaborative and the small group , small group discussion it may vary the station moment it is prohibited but for the concept t of face to face you have the online learning stion for the first.

Remotes blended – teachers are always there if she is needed , students are giving the chance to do he tasks on his own and would ask for help if she needed, it is the first work will remotely and independently done,

Reflex blended learning- online game even if there are online activities that are needed just this is the backbone of online even if there are offline activities that are directly to the students.

For this, once the modality is customized but there are also fluid and flexi learning take place in this case, we cannot do that case to case happened, when needed when small group is overlapping.

FLIPPED online class – discussed activities / on their own the printed materials give to them through as online material or video a teacher and student will support after guided by the teacher and student will support after guided by teacher while doing the activities online lesson/watching the video first given the concept/example online in order you to be guided during offline independently  if one example is not enough you should use another one.

Individual – project based I know you heard a lot in different webinars about project based directed learning.

SELF CHECKRED- in this sense we are considering of the capacity of the students to do the task or being considerate. Yes, we want to meet the competencies, but we need to consider the capabilities of them.

DURINFG the discussion

Salandanan and corpus said “there is n such thing as a single best method we would be the best judge t  determine which could be the best approach for our learners, We know better our students and we know the content of our subjects.”

LEARNER REFLECTED-This is the time that they will be shared ideas and how could guide them t set standard new normal.

If you think, from the start that it can’t work it out, and think that your students did not meet your expectation there is no learning at all. You failed yourself as a teacher.

We  all reminded that  their  all of our expectation will affect the learners,  so it is better to expect more god things in the future, same with us expectation affects our deliberation, if we think of good expectation, and share it to your class, there for it is me encouraging to finished their task they are motivated.

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