Online Distance Learning (ODL)approach where feasible, learners may also be provided with printed copies of SLMs in consideration of the allowable screen time by key stage or as a support should there be a power interruption. The MELCs were provided by DepEd as the primary reference for all Schools, Schools Division Offices (SD0s) and Regional Offices (R0s) in determining and implementing learning delivery approaches that are suited to the local context and diversity of learners, while adapting to the challenges posed by COVID-19. All learning areas will still be taken up by the learners in all grade levels, but with the streamlined competencies. This is to ensure that the learning outcomes are still achieved even in this pandemic. It is noted that, in principle, the time allocated per subject daily did not change. This means that schools need to consider this aspect in employing various delivery schemes. With the considerable reduction, is the time allotment reduced? Let us hear it from the Director of the BCD.

At this moment, I believe that we are now on the same understanding on how we face in the brave new normal education there is no face to face until it is safe, and this is non-negotiable. Ayon kay Presidente ayoko ang dikit-dikit sa opening ng klase, bakuna muna, pag andyan na ok na. And this is the context of the learning modality. Moreover, the crafting of MELC started with mapping, identification and analysis. The review process begins from the desirable learning competencies and to essential learning competencies. We’ve also known the characteristics of MELCs, first it is aligned to national or local framework, second, connects the content to higher concept. Third, it is applicable to real situation. Fourth, if the student left the school after grade, it would be important for them to have that competency above many others and finally it would be expected that students learn this competence through their parents and community if it is not taught in school. Above all, the Most Essential Learning Competencies are enduring. 

Despite of all strategies that we have practiced even I give you a thousand pedagogies,  if you don’t have the heart to teach, all of those  will be pint less, our students right now needs a teacher not only with the knowledge but teacher with the heart, willing to help them cope up in their chs0en learning modalities, despite f the pandemic. Again, teachers teaching is a work f heart and we are expected t teach with it our hearts.,

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