How will lessons be delivered? This is one frequently asked questions that bare in our minds on the opening of classes this academic year. Most our parents have doubt to send in risk their children in school. The changing nature of education make learners designers of their knowledge, realities, and interests. Teachers are expected to be innovators, designers of learning resource, and GUIDE. Assessment will be varied, and less of traditional assessments. Learners, designers of their knowledge, realities, and interests, Teachers - Innovators, designers of learning resource, guide. Assessment Varied, less traditional assessments. To comply with “EDUCATION MUST CONTINUE” We can still provide learning opportunities to our students, without requiring them to come to school. The Distance Learning is consistent with the President’s preference that we do not send our children to school until safe to do so.

Lessons will be delivered to the students in the comfort and safety of their homes, through the following methods: Printed or digital modules delivered to the homes of the students, or picked up by their parents at designated places, within the coordinated schedules;

Online learning resources such as DepEd Commons; and Television or radio-based instruction. The combination maybe, but not limited to, ODL and PMDL, ODL and DMDP, ODL and TV-Video (SLM-based), ODL and TV-Video (MELCsMapped), MDL and TV-Video (SLM-based), MDL and TV-Video (MELCsMapped) and others.


This setting more demanding we exert more in work, you will have to divide yourself   from attention in different modality. Student peer communication: but then again by their capacities, within the boundary of their capabilities. And you will always be ready for the opening calling of learners and parents for giving them feedback regarding this activity. Variety of teaching: you need to use a variety of teaching strategies. You will be observing open times of encouraging them, t cheer up them, you can give tips and strategies for them also. We can provide support by giving support.

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