The Corona Virus Pandemic has been in Philippines for over a year now, yet the situation has not changed positively and even got worsen. In this matter, the economic status of our country has dropped down due to closure of many businesses because of bankruptcy and inability to sustain employees’ financial welfare and security.  

Over a year has passed since lockdown was implemented in many places in our country, and now another one is happening. Many people uttered their discontentment as, once again, companies stopped their operations and workers get laid off leaving them in a financial challenge.

This led to people posting their opinions on social media with a Filipino colloquial speech: "sana all", which means "I hope all" or "I wish all". It is their tactic of voicing their expectations that everyone could earn a living and survive through this crisis even at home.

This made me realized the advantage of having a regular-permanent job in government. Yes, it is really tiring for teachers nowadays to get to the flow of new normal of education, but still I am truly grateful that I have a job. With this, I can earn a living and provide enough for myself and my family. This is what I always tell my students, the importance of finishing education and acquiring a permanent job.

Truly it's tranquil to lodge on negative thinking when you're in an unpleasant situation. Yet, in reality, a dark sky is essential for us to raise the value of the brightest stars.

If we learn to prepare with any circumstances and be grateful for the things that we have, we will experience overflowing fulfilment. We will learn to celebrate even the smallest things in our lives and we will know how to make a living in our own capacity.

In the end in trying times like this, "I hope all" will count the stars that they can see and use them to still make a living in a lifeless situation.

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